Hi guys! I’m Anastasia, I live in Italy and I’m 17. Well, this is who I am on my documents. Apart from that I’m a very sensitive, empathic girl who wonders about many things concerning existance, who asks herself too many questions and doesn’t always find the answers. And forgets what she wants to say, which is exactly what happened right now. Oops! I write, not a lot, but I do sometimes. And I hope I can share those rare phrases with you. You may wonder: “What is the purpose of your blog, why did you create it?” Maybe the answer isn’t great, but it’s simply the result of the wall that started to build between me and the world long ago. I don’t like it at all, I want to stop its growing, which I know isn’t simple. I feel like I need to share, to tell, to scream some things to the world. And maybe this is a good start.